Shipping Air Freight to Doha, Qatar


To Doha, Qatar

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Shipping Air Freight to Doha, Qatar

We have discounted rates for shipping air freight to Doha, Qatar on a choice of airlines. Doha is a major air freight destination for cargo to Qatar and also transhipping to destinations in the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent, Australia, the Far East, Europe, Africa and even has services to South America.

The national carrier Qatar Airways and British Airways both operate direct services from the UK, with Qatar Airways having regular All Cargo Freighter Flights, as well as passenger flights.

What Documentation will I need?

Qatar is very strict on documentation and will usually require a Certificate of Origin, contact your consignee to check their requirements, a European Certificate of Origin is cheaper, but your customer may not accept it. The consignee may also insist on the items and the packing having labels that show what country the goods are made in.

Dangerous goods by air freight to Doha, Qatar require pre-approval before they can be shipped. The importer will also need permission to receive them.

Which Airline Gives the Best Air Freight Prices?

Competition is very strong to Doha and many airlines will give very low air freight rates. For dense cargo airlines that offer rates inclusive of Fuel and War surcharges may be best, but for volume cargo, airlines that charge Fuel and War surcharges on the actual weight will usually be the cheapest. Beat My Freight Quote can guide you to the best airline and get you the lowest rates. 

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