To Monrovia, Liberia

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Shipping Air Freight to Monrovia, Liberia

Services for shipping air freight to Monrovia, Liberia are limited, but there are direct flights and deferred services from the UK, so it is still possible to get deal rates. handles commercial cargo and personal effects to Monrovia and always look to match the best price and service to your needs.

Are There Any Restrictions on Air Freight to Monrovia?

Goods can be subject to either Pre Shipment Inspection or Destination Inspection by Bureau Veritas. To check what is subject to Inspection, visit their website as the limits before inspection, as goods sent by air freight to Monrovia are subject to different limits to goods sent by sea freight to Monrovia. Personal effects can also require inspection, subject to the amounts.

Also check out the Liberia Customs Regulations on 

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