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Shipping Air Freight to Belize

Services for air freight to Belize from the UK are usually sent on flights via Miami in the USA. There are regular passenger flights that carry cargo into Belize. Standard deal rates can be a little expensive, but discounted air freight rates for commercial cargo and personal effects are available.

Shipping Personal Effects to Belize

Used personal and Household effects can be imported either within 3 months prior to or 3 months after a Belize National or someone holding a Belize Residency Permit arrives into Belize, Free of Duty. Goods imported outside this period may be allowed to enter Free of Duty if the Controller of Customs accepts that there is a justified reason.

If the goods are new or if you do not hold a Residency Permit, Duty will be charged. You can check the latest Duty rates and find other useful information regarding importing into Belize, including a list of Restricted and Prohibited Goods on 

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