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Air freight is a quick and often cost-effective way of transporting all kinds of goods including personal items and various forms of commercial cargo. The range of services offered is vast, so to get a cheap air freight quote, it is vital that you, the customer, can provide as much information as possible. We then search the market for the lowest air freight rates.

Why Air Freight?

Air freight provides quick and efficient delivery between locations situated almost anywhere in the world. Air freight is also a great option if you have to meet any deadlines because, though certain aspects of the process are naturally out of your control, it is generally a reliable freight method. This method of transport is perfect for high-value, fragile, or perishable goods. Because air freight offers such a range of benefits, it is generally the more expensive choice when looking for a shipping quote. In order to get the best air freight rates, follow our simple steps when submitting your request.

Steps To The Best Air Freight Quotes

Provide the most accurate weight and dimensions you can, dense cargo can often attract lower transport rates

Be highly specific about your insurance needs - if you are sending anything via air freight, chances are your goods are valuable. If you need insurance included in your quote just let us know.

If you already have a quote from an airline let us know as well. Due to the competitiveness of the air freight industry it’s possible to get highly reduced air freight rates on quotes if you know all the tricks….which we do!

Why do we need weight and sizes?

Aircraft can be separated into 3 main groups: Narrow Body (Smaller Passenger Aircraft), Wide Body (Large Passenger Aircraft) and Freighters (Cargo Aircraft). Narrow Body aircraft can be limited to very small pieces of cargo, but are often used to get to the more remote places or are used on routes where airlines operate several flights per day. Wide Body aircraft usually operate on longer journeys or places where passenger numbers are high. They can carry much larger cargo. Very large cargo can only be carried on Freighters - the choices of Freighter service are often limited so the costs can be high. We need to make sure that any prices we quote are suitable for your goods.

Does it matter what the goods are?

Most general cargo can be carried on any type of aircraft, but there are regulations on certain types of cargo, such as hazardous cargo, that restrict them to Freighter aircraft or in some cases see them banned from flights altogether. Beat My Freight Quote agents will be able to check that the cargo can be moved. Once we have the information we will negotiate the best air freight rates with the carriers. We have built up close relationships with airlines and will use our years of knowledge and experience to get the best deals.

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