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Cheaper Sea Freight Quote - Sea Freight Rates

Sea freight is a long-established and efficient method of transporting a range of goods. It is perfect if you need security and cost-effectiveness, but don’t want the high costs associated with other freight services. If you are looking for the lowest sea freight rates, BeatMyFreightQuote.com can get you a cheaper sea freight quote.

Why Sea Freight?

Whether you’re shipping personal goods or commercial equipment, Sea Freight covers it all at a reasonable cost. If you get a cheap sea freight quote from BeatMyFreightQuote.com, you only pay for the space your cargo takes up, meaning there are great deals to be had.

Beat My Freight Quote partners are able to offer exceptional sea freight rates on LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) shipments. If you do not have enough cargo to fill a container but air freight rates are too high, then sending your goods on an LCL sea freight service will probably be your best option. On the busier routes you will have a choice of several services and the sea freight rates can be very competitive.

If you have enough cargo to fill a container the savings are multiplied. With FCL services the sea freight container can be delivered to your door for loading, cutting down unnecessary handling and shipped to your customer’s door. The container will also be sealed so you can enjoy extra security.

Beat My Freight Quote partners are constantly checking the best deals which can be passed on to you, the customer.

Steps To the Cheapest Sea Freight Quotes

Let us know if you need a Full Container or are shipping with a Less than Container load. If you don’t know, our agents can help. Savings are there to be had on any quote just by optimising your container usage!

Let us know as much about your goods as possible. 

If you already have a quote from a shipping company, let us know. We’ve spent years building up the best contacts in the industry so let us make the big companies work for you.

To get the lowest sea freight quote, click on the link below and complete the simple quotation form.

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