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Sea Freight - Going the Extra Mile

Published Sep 30, 2014

Sea Freight - Going the Extra Mile

After 57 days at sea and an ocean rowing record in the bag, Avalon and crew arrived in the Seychelles after crossing the Indian Ocean. Congratulations to the crew and welcome home. Now the task of getting Avalon home is underway. 

Key Air & Sea Ltd were chosen to transport Avalon from the UK to the starting point of the crossing, Fremantle, Australia by sea freight and to return her home from the finishing point Durban, South Africa. Durban being a major port and hub for a large number of shipping lines was an ideal finish point and plans were put in place for loading the MAFI Trailer and shipping to the UK.

Ocean rowing is however not governed by schedules and the easiest place to return from. Avalon came across heavy seas and technical issues and found itself heading northwards towards Somalia. Not wishing to be involved in an International incident, the crew changed course for the Seychelles.

The Seychelles are beautiful and a paradise for tourists, they are also off the beaten track when transporting a 45ft ocean rowing boat by sea freight. There are a limited number of freight agents in the Seychelles and our requests for quotations were mostly ignored. Finally we found an agent that was ready to quote, but when we said they would need to arrange loading they said that they would withdraw their offer. Time for some diplomacy and the shipment was back on track.

The agent now ready to load the boat onto a 40ft Flat Rack went to examine the boat, bad news, the rudder, mast and dagger board were still in place, they couldn't load the boat and further to that we would have to arrange the removal ourselves. Thank you Google, a quick search under boat repairs in the Seychelles and we had our answer. Charles at Marzocchi Ship Repair gave us a fair price and was very efficient and the boat was ready to load within a few days.

Now Avalon is sitting on a 40ft Flat Rack and waiting to sail back to the UK. We would like to thank everyone that has assisted us both to Australia and back from the Seychelles

Avalon - Seychelles

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