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All In Rates - A Positive Move?

Published Jan 13, 2015

All In Rates - A Positive Move?

Emirates SkyCargo has just released their latest air freight tariff, offering rates including Fuel and War surcharges. Some people in the freight industry are suggesting this is a good move as they already charge Fuel and War surcharges on the chargeable weight. There is another view, with fuel prices falling and air freight prices set up to the end of September 2015, customers will not get the benefit of reductions in fuel costs. With all in rates the airlines do not have to publish the Fuel Surcharge prices, so the customer will not see the prices dropping.

It will be interesting to see what happens if Fuel prices start to rise again. Will they hold their prices to the end of the tariff validity date or will they issue an amended tariff? Their last tariff was valid up to the end of March 2015, but their new one starts on 1st February 2015, 2 months early. How they deal with future fuel increase, only time will tell.

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