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British Airways Shock Air Freight Rates Announcement

Published Feb 13, 2015

British Airways Shock Air Freight Rates Announcement

From summer 2015 British Airways will be charging all in air freight rates. They claim it is to simplify air freight charges, as they will no longer charge fuel and war surcharges separately. Industry 'experts' had welcomed a similar move by Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways, but they are missing the wider ramifications. Prices for volumetric cargo will increase overnight putting additional pressure on shippers. We have always believed that once British Airways move to all in rates, the rest will follow.

The airlines were happy to charges separate Fuel charges when Fuel prices were going up, but it seems that they don't want to give the benefits to the shippers when rates go down. The airlines will not absorb fuel increases when the price of oil starts to rise, so we can expect a period of volatile rates. Fuel surcharges have always been unpopular, but the alternative is higher rates for all.

We don't think we have seen the last of Fuel Surcharges, when it suits the airlines they will slowly come back. 

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