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LAN TAM Announce All In Rates FOR NOW

Published Feb 24, 2015

LAN TAM Announce All In Rates FOR NOW

LAN TAM are the latest airline to announce that they will be 'simplifying' their air freight rates structure, but read the whole announcement and you get another story. The statements below are taken directly from their announcement dated 18th February 2015.

"Our motivation for this change is to better reflect the real value of air transportation in the base rate, while maintaining additional charges that absorb, in a transparent way, the significant variations of the cost of fuel."

"The fuel surcharge remains, much like the existing mechanism, but the difference is that it will be reset to $0 base, taking into account the current price of fuel."

And finally

"As in the past, the company reserves the right to change the fuel surcharge at any time and without notice."

You could criticise LAN TAM for leaving the door open for the re-introduction of a fuel surcharge, but they are only putting in writing what all the other airlines will put into practice. 

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