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Plastic Pallets a Safer Way to Ship Drums

Published Feb 25, 2015

Plastic Pallets a Safer Way to Ship Drums

New 120 x 120cm plastic pallets from make shipping of drums safer. The drums sit more evenly on the pallet compared to standard 120 x 100cm pallets which will have an overhang on one side. Drums that overhang the side of the pallet are more likely to be damaged, which could cause the contents to leak, not a good idea when you are shipping dangerous goods.

The downside of the additional 20cms is you cannot get 2 pallets side by side on a standard container, you would need to use a pallet wide container, which has an internal width of 244cms, but these are not commonly used at the moment and most shipping lines would not supply them. 

Most sea freight consolidators would accept consignments on 120 x 120cm pallets, but they would be limited to the number they could load in each container. If you don't need to use a 120 x 120cm pallet, plastic pallets are also available in the more standard 120 x 100cm format. 

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