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TAP Air Portugal Stand By Separate Fuel and War Charges

Published Feb 25, 2015

TAP Air Portugal Stand By Separate Fuel and War Charges

Just had a visit from our TAP Air Portugal rep. Discussion got round to All-In Air Freight Rates and what is the future policy for TAP Air Portugal. We were pleased to hear that, at least for the immediate future, TAP Air Portugal do not have plans for the introduction of All-In Rates, except for their very competitive all-in deal rates.

Apparently some freight agents have been pushing for TAP to move to all-in rates, as it makes it easier for the forwarder to calculate the charges. When did shipping air freight move from getting the best deal for the shipper, to making it easier for the forwarder? There are lots of airlines that have been waiting to see what British Airways will do, so they can follow them like sheep.

Longer term TAP may move to All-In Rates, if the pressure from their customers, the freight agents, gets too much, but for now we must applaud them.

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