Air Freight Forwarding

Air Freight Forwarding or Air Cargo can often be a cost effective way of sending smaller shipments and is usually the quickest way of transporting goods. Savings can be made by using Consolidated Services, this is when your cargo will be sent with other goods, as the airlines will often give discounts for larger shipments.

The airlines or carriers will operate either passenger aircraft which are usually scheduled services, but will also include holiday charter flights during holiday seasons or freighter aircraft that are dedicated to moving cargo only. The freighter services are either operated as scheduled services where you can send smaller consignments or ad-hoc charters where you pay for the full cost of the journey.

Although many airlines will deal directly with customers the rates that are available from freight forwarders are usually lower and you benefit from the knowledge that the freight agent has acquired over many years. They will also be able to take care of your customs procedures and if the agent is an IATA Cargo Agent they are required to have Dangerous Goods Training.

Air Freight is charged by either the weight or the volume whichever is the greater. The volume is calculated by multiplying the length x width x height (This is the order that dimensions should always be shown for cargo) and if in cms divide the total by 6000 or for inches 366. This differs from Air Courier which is usually divided by 5000 for cms.

There are specialist air services dedicated to meet most needs. There are companies that specialise in moving Valuable Cargo, Pets, Perishable Cargo (Such as Fruit and Vegetables), Pharmaceuticals and even Human Remains. It is advisable when moving specialist cargo to look for a company that has the expert knowledge that is required. For Human Remains contact: 

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