Air Freight to Toronto Canada

Air Freight to Toronto, Canada

We offer air freight to Toronto and other customs airports in Canada. Air freight services between the UK and Canada are regular and offered by many airlines. There are services from London Heathrow direct to Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal and Vancouver. With Air Canada and British Airways competing for the direct cargo from the UK, the rates are already competitive, add in the European and US airlines that are offering transhipment services and the chances of getting deals are multiplied.

Beat My Freight Quote partners know how to get the best rates from the airlines.

Cheapest Air Freight Rates to Canada

With so many airlines operating to Canada the tariffs are now just a guideline, to get the cheapest air freight rates to Canada we need to push the airlines to give us a discount.. Many airlines will offer discounts on shipments as small as 100Kgs. Our aim is to squeeze the best rates from the airlines to give you the competitive edge. 

Shipping Personal Effects to Canada

Personal effects being sent to Canada must be customs cleared in person by the importer at the airport. Deal rates are available for personal effects to the major airports.

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