Shipping Air Freight to Nassau, Bahamas

Shipping Air Freight to Nassau, Bahamas

Shipping air freight to Nassau is the cheapest option when exporting to the Bahamas by air and has the best services from the UK. There are direct flights on wide bodied aircraft from the UK to Nassau, as well as numerous transhipment services on both narrow and wide bodied flights. Being the main airport for cargo in the Bahamas, freight rates to Nassau are cheaper than rates to Freeport, the other main airport, making it the ideal hub for goods being sent to other islands through local agents.

Shipping Air Freight to Freeport, Bahamas

Although there are flights taking air freight to Freeport, Bahamas, the services are not as regular as they are to Nassau. The flights are usually narrow bodied, restricting the size of the cargo that you can send and increasing the cost of the air freight.

What can be sent by air freight to the Bahamas? can offer discounted air freight rates for Commercial Cargo and Personal Effects. To check if the goods you are sending are not on the list of prohibited or restricted items for import, you can check on the Bahamas Customs website on 

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