Amazon in Breach of IATA Dangerous Goods Rules

According to the BBC, Amazon has been fined £65,000.00 for trying to transport undeclared Lithium-ion Batteries on flights. The shipping of Dangerous Goods is strictly controlled and us freight forwarders need regular training to keep up to date with the regulations. Some Batteries have been linked to aircraft incidents on many occasions, forcing them to be banned from flights.

But the defence that was put forward by their lawyer was a peach. “We are not talking about Amazon lugging a propane canister onto a plane. They are everyday household items, and one should pay perspective to that” reported the BBC 23rd September

Well here’s a thing. There are thousands of everyday household items that when sent on an aircraft pose a risk to the safety of passengers and crew. That is why we are trained to ship Dangerous Goods safely and why sometimes we may sound too strict. Always declare Dangerous Goods even if like Amazon you can afford the fine.