Air Freight Rates 70% Discount

70% Discount – Discount Off What???

If you offer a discount you should quantify the discount. We see many air freight companies offering discounts of up to 70% but what is the discount against?

70% off IATA Air Freight Rates? Possibly

IATA rates are pretty much redundant unless you are shipping a premium product. Most air freight agents can offer rates well below IATA rates and in many cases 70% would not be unheard of .

70% off Standard Air Freight Tariff? Unlikely

Airlines offer standard air freight rates usually for a period of 6 months. They are well below IATA rates and are the basis for most instant quote systems.

70% off Monthly Discount Air Freight Tariff? Very Highly Unlikely

Airlines will often offer a monthly discount air freight tariff if they have a lot of space and not a lot of cargo. These are usually available close to the departure date and are sometimes restricted to certain days only.

70% off Spot Rates? No Way!!

Spot rates (Mates Rates) are available for specific shipments agreed between the airline and the agent, often because the agent knows the airline sales rep. very well.

We are not saying that agents offering 70% discount are bad agents – they are just being economical with the facts.

We Love Personal Effects

Some freight forwarders shy away from personal effects – not us. Beat My Freight Quote has partners with wide-ranging skills including shipping personal effects.

Take our latest partners, not only do they ship personal effects, it’s in their name – Personal Effects Logistics Pty Ltd. Koos and the team are based in Johannesburg and will be helping us with air freight and sea freight to and from South Africa, as well as from neighbouring countries.

Their service does not stop at household goods, they also offer a range of services for commercial cargo.

If you are shipping personal effects you need to be aware of Hazardous Cargo regulations. There are many everyday items that are restricted when being sent by air or sea, some of the more common items we find are Laptop Computers, Aerosols and Nail Varnishes, but the list goes on. If you are in any doubt check before you ship to avoid the items being removed.

It’s Not Just Talk

As we start the new year we welcome our newest partners – Talkcargo.

Talkcargo are based in New Zealand where they operate air freight, sea freight and road services. Alongside their standard services they operate a service dedicated to the aerospace industry shipping helicopters and aircraft spares.

They are very customer focused and are keen to explore ways that BeatMyFreightQuote can be used to enhance the customer experience. Suggestions made prior to becoming partners have already led to changes to the site and increased hit conversions.

We are looking forward to working closely with the Talkcargo team. We know that their depth of experience and industry contacts will not only benefit shippers and consignees in New Zealand, but Beat My Freight Quote customers across the world.

It’s good to talk cargo with Talkcargo.