Sea Freight to Grand Cayman – It’s an Island Thing

Sea Freight to Grand Cayman has been a very popular search term on Beat My Freight Quote, but why would an island with just over 60,000 residents attract so much attention. We see this happen in so many other areas, Bermuda, Vanuatu, Malta and Cyprus all experiencing high levels of sea freight enquiries. It’s an Island Thing. All these islands have large numbers of tourists and they all need food, drink and other consumables.

There are regular flights to all these destinations, but cargo capacity is often limited and to some destinations the weights and dimensions are also restricted. There is no real alternative to sea freight to cover their transportation requirements.

Beat My Freight Quote is lucky to have the help of some really good freight agents in all these regions and have been able to make some excellent savings for customers.

If you have sea freight to send to a remote island, we probably have the right service for you.

What Would You Pay For FREE Freight Enquiries

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We are looking for freight agents who can demonstrate high levels of customer service with competitive shipping rates. Freight agents that meet our standards can expect regular high quality freight enquiries at a cost that beats paid online ads and online directories.

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Shipping Goods Under a Letter of Credit

When did shipping goods under a letter of credit become a specialist shipping service?

Last week we quoted on a small shipment. There was nothing unusual about the cargo, the weight was OK for the aircraft, as were the dimensions. The cargo was going from London to a well known International airport and was not hazardous or covered by any sanctions.

All in all a very average shipment.

Then we get a phone call. Is the quote still valid, as not many agents are willing to handle the goods if they are covered by a letter of credit?

This came as a complete surprise to us, as although they are not as common as they once were, we still see them on a regular basis.

We assured the customer that we could still ship them at the price we quoted.

Next we were asked to issue a draft Airwaybill before the customer would book the shipment with us, which we duly supplied.

We received the booking and shipped the cargo.

It got us thinking how the industry is changing as technology advances and old skills are getting lost along the way. Sometimes being in the freight industry a long time works to your advantage.

The Best Mojito in Havana

On a recent trip to Havana, Cuba, we found ourselves stuck in our hotel as a torrential rainstorm hit the city. The streets were deserted as people had taken cover. Taking photographs was out of the question, so what do you do?

I remembered a review on TripAdvisor stating that our hotel “served the Best Mojito in Havana“. As Freight Agents specialising in Shipping Alcohol from the UK, it sounded like a challenge.

First stop – the Hotel Bar.

And yes it was a fine Mojito, but was it the Best Mojito in Havana?

Over the course of the next few days we sampled many Mojitos in many bars and hotels. Some we considered better and some not so good, but had we found the Best Mojito in Havana?

We hope not as we hope to continue our quest next time we visit.