Malaysia – Strong Logistics Partnership Gets Stronger

Beat My Freight Quote is not just about making new connections, it is also about making old connections stronger. With over 30 years experience working with freight agents in Malaysia, we have built many relationships. Although we still work with our original agents, there are certain qualities needed to be a successful Beat My Freight Quote partner, these include high levels of customer service and a tenacity to get the best deals for the customer and Crane Worldwide Logistics has those qualities.

We have known Crane Worldwide Logistics for many years and have been impressed by their drive. With Malaysia being one of our busiest territories on Beat My Freight Quote it was important that our partners were committed to the high level of service we expect. They are experienced in Air Freight and Sea Freight and will work alongside our other partners.

We look forward to developing the Malaysia logistics market with Crane Logistics and our other freight partners.

Logistics – Image is Everything

In shops you have a good idea of what you are buying. You can see the item, maybe pick it up and feel the quality, you have a good idea if it meets your requirements. In service industries such as logistics it is more difficult, there is no physical product. So how do you choose?

Obviously cost is a good starting point. Does the cost seem fair and does it seem realistic for your shipment.

Does the company have a good reputation? A little time looking on google can give invaluable information on the freight company.

But sometimes, Logistics is about image.

How does the company answer the telephone?

Do the staff seem knowledgeable and friendly?

Was the collection vehicle they sent smart and clean!

We pride ourselves on our image, but sometimes things happen that are outside your control.

We were delighted recently when delivering on the South Coast of England to find a parking space, so close to the harbour. It was in easy walking distance to the delivery address and was big enough for our van.

We were less delighted when we got back to the van and discovered why the parking space was vacant, it was under a telephone cable that was a favourite spot for seagulls. It was obvious that the locals were aware of the consequences of parking in that spot.

Image may be everything, but sometimes a little local knowledge goes a long way.

Enquiries for Air Freight to Fiji on the Increase

Enquiries for air freight to Fiji have been a noticeable success for the site. It is not surprising that we get a large number of enquiries for cargo from Australia and New Zealand as they are traditional partners, it is more surprising that we are now getting enquiries for shipments from Europe.

Not all freight agents will get involved in shipping personal effects, but due to the large number of enquiries we receive, we knew we had to find companies that were willing to take on all types of cargo. We are pleased to report that shipments of personal effects are now being sent on regular air freight consolidations from Sydney and Melbourne to Nadi and Suva.