We Love Personal Effects

Some freight forwarders shy away from personal effects – not us. Beat My Freight Quote has partners with wide-ranging skills including shipping personal effects.

Take our latest partners, not only do they ship personal effects, it’s in their name – Personal Effects Logistics Pty Ltd. Koos and the team are based in Johannesburg and will be helping us with air freight and sea freight to and from South Africa, as well as from neighbouring countries.

Their service does not stop at household goods, they also offer a range of services for commercial cargo.

If you are shipping personal effects you need to be aware of Hazardous Cargo regulations. There are many everyday items that are restricted when being sent by air or sea, some of the more common items we find are Laptop Computers, Aerosols and Nail Varnishes, but the list goes on. If you are in any doubt check before you ship to avoid the items being removed.