Freight Agents and Friends in Barcelona

EFFA Barcelona 2017

We have just returned from the annual EFFA European Freight Forwarders Association meeting which was held in the amazing city of Barcelona. It was the 24th annual meeting and has previously been held in various cities in Europe as well as Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, South Africa and the USA.

There were freight agents all the way from Toronto and Salt Lake City as well as the European delegates. Many members have been in the group for over 10 years and 2 of the original members still attend the meetings. One of them is now in the second generation of family management. With the close bonds that have been developed over many years there is a very high level of trust and cooperation.

There are usually formal one to one meetings, but it is away from the meeting room that the friendships are formed as there are always social events where everyone can let their hair down.

There is the old saying “Never go into business with friends or family” but it is impossible not to become friends after so many years of shared experience.

Thanks to EFFA we were able to meet our freight agents and friends in Barcelona.