I Never Said I was a Good Golfer

Welcome Home Charlie

Golf for some is their passion, they couldn’t live without it. For some of us we would like to play better, but somehow never find the time to put in the practice. This year with my charity bike ride in Myanmar to train for, even my weekly friendly round of golf fell by the wayside.

Golf societies can be a great way to play some good courses, competing against players that you do not play every week, the Runnymede Golf Society is the one I choose to play with. The Runnymede Golf Society plays at some of the best golf courses in the South East of England, they are a friendly bunch of people but beware if you come last.

Talk in the club house after the game is not who came first or who got a birdie. What everyone wants to know is “Who won Charlie?” As you may well have worked out Charlie is the trophy given to the player who comes last. People have left early without saying goodbye just to avoid the shame of taking Charlie home.

So what does this have to do with my bike ride in Burma?

Knowing I had not played much golf this year and when I had it had not been brilliant, I braved the society game at Blackmoor Golf Club. We were asked to predict our score to win a prize, as I had won the last time I played with the society my first prediction was laughed at, so I doubled it. I should have stuck with by first prediction.

It became clear to me very early in my round that Charlie was coming home with me again. I say again, it has been some time since I last “won” him, but there was a time that it was rumoured he had his own bedroom at my house. Once I knew coming last was not just a possibility, but a certainty I relaxed and enjoyed my day.

Sitting through dinner knowing you are going to receive Charlie is never good, but I had a reason to stay. I had 38 people who could donate to my charity Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service

They can be cruel when you get Charlie, but they are also generous.

I would like to thank everyone at the Runnymede Golf Society who donated to the charity as well as all my other sponsors. Their donations will make my ride in Burma more worthwhile.