Myanmar on a Bike – An Uphill Struggle

As with most things in life, a charity cycle challenge in Myanmar requires preparation. Sitting day after day staring at a computer in a freight company is not the ideal place to start, so training is essential. On the challenge there are many obstacles to overcome: the heat and humidity, long days in the saddle and the distances we will cover – up to 100 kms in a day

But the element that concerns me most is the hills. Having reached a level of fitness where I hope I can keep up a steady pace for most of the day, hills still cause me anxiety

On my first practice session in March I set out to tackle a local hill from my teenage cycling years. But nearly 40 years on and after a confident announcement that I would ‘only ride up it once’, I made it just a third of the way up and – feeling decidedly ill at the side of the road – my confidence took a blow. The scale of this challenge hit home

I have since conquered that hill several times and have tackled longer steeper hills, but nothing on the scale that I expect to meet on the challenge

Riding up long steep inclines is no fun, but it is a large part of the challenge. So, with a little under 5 weeks to go I have decided to switch my focus and concentrate fully on going uphill

This Saturday I rode up and down that hill 5 times before a further hilly 40km

No one ever failed by training too well … or did they?

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