Air Freight Rates 70% Discount

70% Discount – Discount Off What???

If you offer a discount you should quantify the discount. We see many air freight companies offering discounts of up to 70% but what is the discount against?

70% off IATA Air Freight Rates? Possibly

IATA rates are pretty much redundant unless you are shipping a premium product. Most air freight agents can offer rates well below IATA rates and in many cases 70% would not be unheard of .

70% off Standard Air Freight Tariff? Unlikely

Airlines offer standard air freight rates usually for a period of 6 months. They are well below IATA rates and are the basis for most instant quote systems.

70% off Monthly Discount Air Freight Tariff? Very Highly Unlikely

Airlines will often offer a monthly discount air freight tariff if they have a lot of space and not a lot of cargo. These are usually available close to the departure date and are sometimes restricted to certain days only.

70% off Spot Rates? No Way!!

Spot rates (Mates Rates) are available for specific shipments agreed between the airline and the agent, often because the agent knows the airline sales rep. very well.

We are not saying that agents offering 70% discount are bad agents – they are just being economical with the facts.

Size matters

Really? Does everyone have the same size box?

Check the ‘volume’ calculation when you add your dimensions. If it looks too high, it probably is

The most frequent set of dimensions we get is 100 x 100 x 100cm

When you look at the screen above, you’ll see that the system has calculated the ‘volume’ of the cargo as 167kg, and this is the weight you will be quoted on. The thing is, unless you are shipping marshmallows or something equally lightweight you are probably getting the wrong price

For example, here:

the system has been given smaller dimensions and the volume is immediately halved. Even these dims are quite large for the weight, and cargo can often be more dense than this. See below:

In this last scenario, the weight you would be quoted for is the deadweight of 50kg. Some sites work on deadweight only, so it’s always best to estimate dimensions as closely as possible to get an accurate pricing

So what else do we suggest? If you don’t have the actual (or fairly close) dimensions, just call us with the weight and tell us what the item is so that you get your pricing more quickly and accurately, allowing you to make a real comparison with other rates you have been given

And yes, before you ask, we have actually shipped sponges before, so we realise there are exceptions to the rules…

P, BMFQ Team