MD of the Year

For years I have received the usual scam emails – ‘You have won the Ugandan lottery’ – ‘I have been robbed and need help to get home’. You all know the format, but today I received an email that on the surface seemed very plausible – the title – You Have Won MD of The Year 2016.

Do I think I deserve it, of course I do. My suspicion is, why would someone else think I deserve it. Who else was in the running? What was the criteria that I was judged against? Wealth and Finance Intl feel I deserve it.

So what do I get as MD of the Year 2016? It depends on how much I am willing to spend.

For GB£1400.00 I get:

A double page spread
An article on their homepage
A front cover headline
A ‘MD of the Year’ logo for use in marketing
And finally A TROPHY

How I would love it to be true. I could put the trophy next to my ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug and ‘World’s Worst Golfer’ trophy.

The good news is, that during the time I have been writing this post, I have been notified that I have been nominated for the Finance Monthly – CEO Awards 2016.

Maybe there is some truth in it after all.