It’s a Model Move

Architect models tend to be fragile and need special handling, this is all in a day’s work for Beat My Freight Quote partners Key Air & Sea and O & S Shipping.

The model was case packed by the shipper and was picked up in the UK by Key Air & Sea. It was then sent by air freight to Malta, where O & S Shipping delivered to the customer. Not all cargo is insured, but due to the nature of the cargo the shipper chose to insure from door to door.

We also offer road freight door to door services from the UK to Malta and this would have been used if the cargo wasn’t needed so urgently in Malta.

Malta Partner Leaves No Stone Unturned

A colleague from Ireland once described London as a “Freight Magnet”, an area where cargo will come to you. It is not strictly true, but I understood his sentiment. If there is such a place as a freight magnet, it is safe to say Malta isn’t it.

To be successful in Malta you must stand out from the crowd and offer more and better services. O & S Shipping our latest partners in Malta have certainly achieved that.

Along with the standard air freight and sea freight services they can offer dedicated delivery to anywhere in Malta and Gozo. They arrange international removals for household effects both to and from Malta.

What about Yacht Transportation? Yes they do that.

Project cargo? Of course.

Transhipment? Definitely.

So if you have any freight requirements to or from Malta , look no further than O & S Shipping. When it comes to shipping they leave no stone unturned.