Hats Off to RAQ Air Logistics, Poland

We have long since stopped second guessing which enquiries will be interesting for our Beat My Freight Quote partners. We try to get feedback on how we can improve the site, which areas they would like to target and the type of products they would like to ship. We also check on where they are getting the best success. As our partners are International Freight Agents most offer Air Freight, Sea Freight and some also offer Road Freight services, they have a wide range of opportunities.

On the latest feedback from one of our newest partners, RAQ Air Logistics a Polish Freight Agent, it still threw up some surprises. Alongside the desire to increase business to the usual markets, air freight to the USA, China and the Middle East and sea freight to the same areas, was an unusual business success – Shipping Hats from Poland to Quito, Ecuador and also shoes by air freight from Warsaw to Quito, Ecuador.

We could sit here day after day trying to think of obvious trading partnerships, but we don’t think we would of ever have come to shipping from Warsaw, Poland to Quito, Ecuador.

Hats off to RAQ Air Logistics, Poland, but keep your Shoes on.

What Would You Pay For FREE Freight Enquiries

Every day Beat My Freight Quote receives freight enquiries from customers around the world looking for the best rates for air freight, sea freight and road freight. The customers could be Private Individuals, Companies, International Charities and even Governments.

We are looking for freight agents who can demonstrate high levels of customer service with competitive shipping rates. Freight agents that meet our standards can expect regular high quality freight enquiries at a cost that beats paid online ads and online directories.

Check out Become a Partner to see how you can benefit from a Beat My Freight Quote licence.

It’s Not Just Talk

As we start the new year we welcome our newest partners – Talkcargo.

Talkcargo are based in New Zealand where they operate air freight, sea freight and road services. Alongside their standard services they operate a service dedicated to the aerospace industry shipping helicopters and aircraft spares.

They are very customer focused and are keen to explore ways that BeatMyFreightQuote can be used to enhance the customer experience. Suggestions made prior to becoming partners have already led to changes to the site and increased hit conversions.

We are looking forward to working closely with the Talkcargo team. We know that their depth of experience and industry contacts will not only benefit shippers and consignees in New Zealand, but Beat My Freight Quote customers across the world.

It’s good to talk cargo with Talkcargo.