Sea Freight to Grand Cayman – It’s an Island Thing

Sea Freight to Grand Cayman has been a very popular search term on Beat My Freight Quote, but why would an island with just over 60,000 residents attract so much attention. We see this happen in so many other areas, Bermuda, Vanuatu, Malta and Cyprus all experiencing high levels of sea freight enquiries. It’s an Island Thing. All these islands have large numbers of tourists and they all need food, drink and other consumables.

There are regular flights to all these destinations, but cargo capacity is often limited and to some destinations the weights and dimensions are also restricted. There is no real alternative to sea freight to cover their transportation requirements.

Beat My Freight Quote is lucky to have the help of some really good freight agents in all these regions and have been able to make some excellent savings for customers.

If you have sea freight to send to a remote island, we probably have the right service for you.

It’s a Long Way to Vanuatu

It’s a long way to Vanuatu or at least it is from BeatMyFreightQuote HQ in the UK, but this is where our latest partner Vanuatu’s Own Logistics is located.

Although they are over 10 thousand miles away, they are not the furthest, our partners in Auckland beat them by over a thousand miles. They are also not isolated as they are central to our strong Pacific region with partners in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria in Australia as well as New Zealand.

Vanuatu’s Own Logistics are experienced in air freight and sea freight. They will be helping clients to import and export a range of products. It is an exciting time for sea freight to Vanuatu with the expansion of the port facilities at the new deep water berth at Lapetasi Wharf due to be completed in 2017.

We look forward to working closely with VOL over the coming months and will be putting all our resources at their disposal.

Welcome on board.