Hats Off to RAQ Air Logistics, Poland

We have long since stopped second guessing which enquiries will be interesting for our Beat My Freight Quote partners. We try to get feedback on how we can improve the site, which areas they would like to target and the type of products they would like to ship. We also check on where they are getting the best success. As our partners are International Freight Agents most offer Air Freight, Sea Freight and some also offer Road Freight services, they have a wide range of opportunities.

On the latest feedback from one of our newest partners, RAQ Air Logistics a Polish Freight Agent, it still threw up some surprises. Alongside the desire to increase business to the usual markets, air freight to the USA, China and the Middle East and sea freight to the same areas, was an unusual business success – Shipping Hats from Poland to Quito, Ecuador and also shoes by air freight from Warsaw to Quito, Ecuador.

We could sit here day after day trying to think of obvious trading partnerships, but we don’t think we would of ever have come to shipping from Warsaw, Poland to Quito, Ecuador.

Hats off to RAQ Air Logistics, Poland, but keep your Shoes on.

What Would You Pay For FREE Freight Enquiries

Every day Beat My Freight Quote receives freight enquiries from customers around the world looking for the best rates for air freight, sea freight and road freight. The customers could be Private Individuals, Companies, International Charities and even Governments.

We are looking for freight agents who can demonstrate high levels of customer service with competitive shipping rates. Freight agents that meet our standards can expect regular high quality freight enquiries at a cost that beats paid online ads and online directories.

Check out Become a Partner to see how you can benefit from a Beat My Freight Quote licence.

It’s a Long Way to Vanuatu

It’s a long way to Vanuatu or at least it is from BeatMyFreightQuote HQ in the UK, but this is where our latest partner Vanuatu’s Own Logistics is located.

Although they are over 10 thousand miles away, they are not the furthest, our partners in Auckland beat them by over a thousand miles. They are also not isolated as they are central to our strong Pacific region with partners in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria in Australia as well as New Zealand.

Vanuatu’s Own Logistics are experienced in air freight and sea freight. They will be helping clients to import and export a range of products. It is an exciting time for sea freight to Vanuatu with the expansion of the port facilities at the new deep water berth at Lapetasi Wharf due to be completed in 2017.

We look forward to working closely with VOL over the coming months and will be putting all our resources at their disposal.

Welcome on board.


Malaysia – Strong Logistics Partnership Gets Stronger

Beat My Freight Quote is not just about making new connections, it is also about making old connections stronger. With over 30 years experience working with freight agents in Malaysia, we have built many relationships. Although we still work with our original agents, there are certain qualities needed to be a successful Beat My Freight Quote partner, these include high levels of customer service and a tenacity to get the best deals for the customer and Crane Worldwide Logistics has those qualities.

We have known Crane Worldwide Logistics for many years and have been impressed by their drive. With Malaysia being one of our busiest territories on Beat My Freight Quote it was important that our partners were committed to the high level of service we expect. They are experienced in Air Freight and Sea Freight and will work alongside our other partners.

We look forward to developing the Malaysia logistics market with Crane Logistics and our other freight partners.

Malta Partner Leaves No Stone Unturned

A colleague from Ireland once described London as a “Freight Magnet”, an area where cargo will come to you. It is not strictly true, but I understood his sentiment. If there is such a place as a freight magnet, it is safe to say Malta isn’t it.

To be successful in Malta you must stand out from the crowd and offer more and better services. O & S Shipping our latest partners in Malta have certainly achieved that.

Along with the standard air freight and sea freight services they can offer dedicated delivery to anywhere in Malta and Gozo. They arrange international removals for household effects both to and from Malta.

What about Yacht Transportation? Yes they do that.

Project cargo? Of course.

Transhipment? Definitely.

So if you have any freight requirements to or from Malta , look no further than O & S Shipping. When it comes to shipping they leave no stone unturned.

It’s Not Just Talk

As we start the new year we welcome our newest partners – Talkcargo.

Talkcargo are based in New Zealand where they operate air freight, sea freight and road services. Alongside their standard services they operate a service dedicated to the aerospace industry shipping helicopters and aircraft spares.

They are very customer focused and are keen to explore ways that BeatMyFreightQuote can be used to enhance the customer experience. Suggestions made prior to becoming partners have already led to changes to the site and increased hit conversions.

We are looking forward to working closely with the Talkcargo team. We know that their depth of experience and industry contacts will not only benefit shippers and consignees in New Zealand, but Beat My Freight Quote customers across the world.

It’s good to talk cargo with Talkcargo.

Now Time For Plan B

When you agree to be a sponsor, you never know where it will lead you. So sponsoring the Solar Powered Car for DUEM – students at Durham University – has been an interesting journey. Having met the team at the London Motor Show and the Science Museum, we agreed to be a sponsor for a year, to give them advice and hopefully to get to transport the car around the world for them.

It turned out to be an incredible time for the DUEM team, with an invite to COP22, the Climate Change Summit in Marrakech, Morocco being the highlight. Options to transport the solar car by Air Freight and Sea Freight to Marrakech were given, awaiting appropriate funding to be put in place.

Of course, the invitation to COP22 created a lot of interest. Various other companies offered to transport the solar car to Marrakech at a fraction of the market rate. This was disappointing for us, but we knew funds were tight and DUEM had to make savings where they could.

Then to our surprise we received a call on the Monday, the day before the solar car was due to be transported. The other company had pulled out. It was now too late for both the air freight and sea freight options. We checked dedicated car transporters, but no-one could guarantee arriving by Saturday.

We then found out that the deadline was pulled forward to Friday as DUEM were invited to show the car at the Formula E race on the Saturday, but the car MUST be there by Friday.

Did I mention we were still waiting for the carnet.

So what was Plan B? 

The solar car was already in a trailer. A family member of one of the team members offered to tow the car, but needed a co-driver. We were able to hire a driver for eleven days from one of our trusted suppliers, to also cover the return journey to the UK.

The cost?

More than we can charge out, but if we didn’t get it sorted all the sponsors would miss out on the exposure that an event like this can generate.

So what is Plan A?

Plan A is making sure you never need Plan B. It is usually too expensive and can be avoided. Get your freight forwarder on board early, ask them questions and make sure you are happy that they will be able to complete the task.

Airships – A Relic from Days Gone By or The Future of Air Transportation



Airships are again front page news in the freight press. Have they learned from the mistakes of the past or will they just follow the path to failure that others have trodden before them.

I am old enough to remember the publicity from the 1980s when Airship Industries were going to revolutionise air transportation with their various airship designs. The result was the loss of several million pounds and the company closing down.

So why would the airship succeed now when it failed so badly before?

Firstly attitudes have changed. In the 80s Concorde was flying and speed was king. Today we embrace green technology, can we really transport cargo around the world without destroying the planet? It would be nice to think so.

To succeed the airship must find a niche and perform well, otherwise with a speed of under 70 miles per hour it will always be viewed as slower than airfreight and more expensive than seafreight.

How will the airships integrate into the more traditional multimodal transportation networks? Will they accept air freight or sea freight containers or will they have a totally new type of container that does not link with either?

My conclusion: With a modest payload of up to 20 tonnes only the most remote sites would be viable. But once a site becomes profitable, it is human nature to develop and exploit it. Towns and roads will be built and the site will no longer be remote, conventional transportation will then take over. Maybe they aren’t as green as they seem.