The Art of Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers are ugly metal boxes, perfectly designed for transporting cargo across oceans. They can be secured, stacked, loaded on multi modal transport and even refrigerated, but pretty they ain’t.

So when you see shipping containers incorporated into an artwork they take on a new dimension. Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida is home to some of the best graffiti art anywhere, painted on the side of the many warehouses. Tourists flock to see the artwork that has been produced by artists from around the world and visit the trendy cafes. The whole area has been regenerated and there is another great artwork waiting around the next corner.

There is an area in the Wynwood Walls Garden where 5 stacked shipping containers form an artwork by Pichi & Avo from Valencia, Spain. It could change the way we look at shipping containers.

Discovering Shipping Containers in Ancient Rome

As freight forwarders we cannot help noticing shipping containers wherever we go and some turn up in the most unexpected places: on a recent visit to Rome to watch Italy v England in the 6 Nations Rugby, we couldn’t miss the bright green branded shipping container lurking amongst columns and ancient Roman ruins opposite the Vittoriano, also known as ‘the Typewriter’

Shipping containers make excellent secure storage containers and with repair works taking place, it didn’t surprise us that the container was there, probably being used to store tools and equipment. Shipping containers are used in many parts of the world as storage, housing, schoolrooms, shops and even as artworks

Shipping containers can be transported by sea and road, they can be stacked and some even have refrigeration units, making them a very flexible and cheap storage solution.

Did you know that shipping lines often sell off older shipping containers? If you are looking at using them for shipping, make sure they are CSC plated, as without it the container will not be allowed on a ship.