Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

BeatMyFreightQuote is an Independent Quotation platform. Your contract is with the freight agent. Freight agents using the website are acting independently, but are required to accept our code of conduct.

Our Code of Conduct requires freight agents using BeatMyFreightQuote to work within professionally accepted guidelines. These guidelines are usually produced by the industry governing body in the agent’s country.

In case of a dispute you should first contact the agent involved and make a claim. If this fails to get results the Freight Association may be able to help. Although the freight agents act independently from Beat My Freight Quote we may be able to apply pressure in extreme cases.

Freight agents can be permanently removed from the site if they fail to meet professional standards.

Please read our guides to Making a claim, Getting the service you expect and Insurance (Why it is worth it’s weight in gold).

BeatMyFreightQuote does not collect information to sell to sales databases. We delete customer details when no longer required for the quotations.