Who do I deal with on Beat My Freight Quote?

When you complete an enquiry on Beat My Freight Quote the details are listed on our website. Professional freight agents from around the world will see the enquiry details and submit prices to our website.

There are 2 levels of agent on our site. Premium agents are limited to 1 per territory. To give you a premium service the agent can contact you directly. General agents can only submit an enquiry through the website and will only receive your details if you book the consignment.

To become a Beat My Freight Quote licence holder the freight forwarder must either be a member of their national freight association or have demonstrated a high level of professionalism. In most cases the agents will be approved IATA Cargo Agents or members of FIATA.

For Air Freight, Sea Freight and Road Freight Beat My Freight Quote agents can get you the deals you are looking for, at the right price and in the timespan that suits you.

What shipping containers are available?

There is a range of equipment to cover most sea freight requirements. The most commonly used are 20ft and 40ft containers which are stacked on board container vessels, they can be used for general cargo that does not require specialist handling. There are also refrigerated shipping containers that can be used to transport foodstuffs or temperature sensitive goods. Open top containers can be loaded from above for heavy or over height cargo, flat racks can accommodate out of gauge cargo and are often used to transport vehicles.

Beat My Freight Quote agents have the experience to recommend the best shipping containers to suit your cargo as well as getting you the best deal.

Why is so important to know what you have been quoted?

Comparison sites will only look at standard rates and do not take into consideration the many deal rates that are available. Our agents will call airlines and shipping lines on your behalf to broker the best possible deal, one of the questions we will be asked is “What do we have to beat?” We are more likely to get a good deal if we know what rates we want.

Beat My Freight Quote agents have made savings for private individuals and all types of companies. They have in depth knowledge of the freight industry, why not let our agents find you the best freight quote.

Can you do all the paperwork?

Yes! If you ask us to, just tick the box on the form.