Road Freight to France – Express Transport – Trailer

Road Freight to France – Express Transport – Trailer Groupage

With the excellent cross channel links either by rail or ferry, road freight to France is the sensible option for transporting cargo at the lowest cost. Destinations include Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille and Paris. Although there have been problems relating to Brexit, freight agents will get goods moving again.

Trailer Groupage to France

The best savings will be on trailer groupage services which depart from the UK most days of the week. The cargo will be collected from your premises and transported to the hub, where it will be loaded onto the trailer to France. If you have a large shipment it may be collected on the trailer. Once the goods arrive in France they are taken to a hub, where they are unloaded and transferred to another vehicle for delivery. As with pick ups for large shipments, deliveries of large shipments can be on the same trailer. If there is a downside to trailer groupage, it is that it can take a few days to reach the more remote areas, but the savings usually more than make up for transit times.

Express Transport to France

If transit times are an issue you can arrange Express Transport to France, this could be on any vehicle from small vans up to full 12 metre trailers. The difference between the groupage service and express is, you pay for the whole vehicle. The benefits are that the goods are only handled once on export and once on import, the delivery to near destinations can be within 24 hours and you get additional security, because the vehicle can be sealed for the journey. Express transport is very popular for fragile items, we have transported many artworks for exhibitions in France.

To get the lowest rates for road freight to France by express transport or trailer groupage, click on the link and complete the form.