Sea Freight Shipping

Sea Freight

Think sea freight – and you tend to see shipping containers, this is understandable when you look at the report from The Journal of Commerce showing the top 50 container ports around the world. The list showing container volumes for 2018 show the top 2 ports Shanghai and Singapore both topping the 30 Million TEU (20ft Equivalent Unit) mark, with Shanghai posting a staggering 42.01 million up from 32.53 million in 2012. China (Including Hong Kong) took 7 of the top 10 positions with a combined total of 171.83 million up from 136.94 million TEUs in 2012. The top European port was Rotterdam with 14.51 million up from 11.87million in 2012

There are alternatives to containers, when the goods are not suitable, such as Roll On Roll Off vessels or RORO they can be used to transport large vehicles that can be driven onto the vessel or static cargo such as machinery or boats that can be loaded onto MAFI Trailers.

Another sea freight option is Conventional Cargo Vessels that can take Bulk Cargo such as Steel, Timber, Coal, Metal Ore or Grain that are not suited to being shipped in containers. Tankers are another form of bulk cargo vessel.

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