Sea Freight to Chennai, India

Shipping Freight to Chennai, India

Professional freight agents on our site are quoting discounted rates for sea freight to Chennai, India. Chennai is the largest port in Southern India and the second largest in India. The port is ideally located in the Bay of Bengal for the industrial cities of Chennai, formerly Madras and Bengaluru, formerly Bangalore.

Shipping Containers to Chennai, India

Although it is one of the oldest ports in India, Chennai is a modern port facility offering services for shipping containers and bulk cargo. Standard or general purpose containers are the most commonly used containers. 20ft and 40ft containers are the standard sizes. The containers remain the property of the shipping line and they have strict limits on loading and unloading times. Delays caused by any means, even those outside your control, once the container arrives at the destination port can incur storage and demurrage charges. For specialist cargo there are many types of shipping container including refrigerated for temperature controlled goods and open tops for heavy and over height cargo.

Indian Import Regulations and Restrictions

To avoid delays and penalties on your imports to Chennai, it is best to check with a local freight or customs agent before arranging your shipment. You can also check the regulations with the Government Customs Offices.

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