Sea Freight to Mombasa, Kenya FCL – LCL

Sea Freight to Mombasa, Kenya

If you are looking for savings on shipping sea freight to Mombasa, Kenya we have low rates for both FCL and LCL cargo. Mombasa is one of the main ports in the region for transhipment to neighbouring countries. There are regular sailings from the UK to Mombasa and the rates can be competitive.

FCL Sea Freight to Mombasa, Kenya

We have secured volume discounts on FCL sea freight to Mombasa, Kenya, which we can pass on as a saving to you. The discounts are available for 20ft and 40ft containers and can be delivered to your door for loading. If you do not have the facilities to load containers at your premises we can load at our warehouse in Middlesex or arrange for one of our agents to load at a depot near you. We move regular containers of commercial cargo and can also send household and personal effects.

Due to restrictions we do not send scrap by FCL sea freight to any port.

LCL Sea Freight to Mombasa, Kenya

We can achieve very low rates for LCL sea freight to Mombasa, Kenya. If you already have a rate from another freight company we will try and beat it. We will only use reliable services with regular sailings. We will not delay your cargo waiting to fill up a container.

RoRo to Mombasa, Kenya

Sending RoRo to Mombasa, Kenya is an option for large vehicles or machinery, which can also be loaded onto MAFI trailers. We can get low rates for RoRo cargo with quick transit times.

To get the lowest rates for sea freight to Mombasa, Kenya by FCL, LCL or RoRo, click on the link below.