Shipping Sea Freight to Singapore – FCL – LCL

Shipping Sea Freight to Singapore – FCL – LCL

Shipping sea freight to Singapore from the UK is extremely competitive. Singapore is a major sea port, so there are many different shipping lines operating on the route.

FCL Sea Freight to Singapore

Our container rates are very low for FCL sea freight to Singapore, because they are based on quantity discounts. We have discounted rates for 20ft and 40ft standard containers, we can also get deals on specialist equipment including Flat Racks, Open Top and Refrigerated Containers. We have negotiated low rates for UK haulage, so we can collect from anywhere in the country.

LCL Sea Freight to Singapore 

Rates for LCL sea freight to Singapore are very competitive, as Singapore is a major transhipment point, cargo for destinations in Australia and the Far East is loaded into new containers to be sent on to the final destination. With so many containers being sent to Singapore the shipping lines are offering very low rates. We can receive cargo at regional depots around the UK or arrange collection on your behalf. 

We also have a specialist service for shipping cars to Singapore in containers and by RoRo.

To get the lowest rates for sea freight to Singapore, click on the link below.