Shipping Sea Freight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia FCL – LCL

Shipping Sea Freight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia FCL – LCL – RoRo

We have excellent rates for shipping sea freight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for FCL, LCL and RoRo cargo. 

FCL Sea Freight to Jeddah

Shipping services for FCL sea Freight to Jeddah are operated by various major shipping lines from the UK. We have negotiated discounted sea freight rates on some of the best carriers, which we can pass on to you. The range of shipping containers available include 20ft and 40ft standard, 40ft high cubes and flat racks. We can also get competitive rates for specialist equipment such as refrigerated containers.

When sending FCL sea freight to Jeddah, the container is usually positioned at your premises for loading. You usually are allowed 3 hours to load before extra charges are incurred. Not all companies can load at their warehouses, so we have facilities around the country where we can load containers. 

LCL Sea Freight to Jeddah

If you are looking for a competitive service for LCL sea freight to Jeddah, we have regular LCL containers with very low sea freight rates. We have collection options from anywhere in the UK or delivery depots, if you prefer to handle your own deliveries. 

RoRo Sea Freight to Jeddah

There are a few companies offering RoRo sea freight to Jeddah, with regular services, so rates are competitive for shipping vehicles to Saudi Arabia. Large out of gauge static cargo can also be sent by using MAFI trailers. 

The International Port at Jeddah can handle the largest of the new generation of containerships. The port is the busiest in Saudi Arabia, handling over half of the sea freight into the country. To check customs procedures go to 

To get the lowest rates for shipping sea freight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, click on the link below and complete the simple online form.