Sea Freight to the USA

Sea Freight to the USA

If you send sea freight to the USA the journey doesn’t need to stop at the port. There are many major sea freight hubs in the USA and if you are looking for lower freight costs on large or bulky items close to a sea port, sea freight would be a good place to start.

What if you have cargo to one of the many States that are not on the coast?

It may be surprising, but sea freight can still be a very viable option for all types of cargo to States that are nowhere near the oceans. Full Containers / FCL Cargo can often be sent by rail to an inland depot for Customs Clearance and LCL Cargo can be Customs Cleared at the arrival port and forwarded on a road haulage service to the destination.

Surely Sea Freight to the USA takes a long time?

Transit times from many ports in Europe to the East Coast of the USA are surprisingly fast with transit times quay to quay of around 11 to 14 days days. Unless your cargo is urgent the savings received by sending cargo by sea are usually worth the wait. 

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