Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

The majority of cargo shipped around the world is delivered without any problems, but if something does go wrong it is good to know you have taken out sufficient Cargo Insurance cover. Insurance premiums for cargo are very reasonable which indicates that the risks are low, but accidents can happen.

How much does Cargo Insurance Cost?

There are several factors that can affect the premiums for Cargo Insurance.

Is it air freight, sea freight or road freight?
Is the transport in a dedicated vehicle or container?
Is it personal effects or commercial cargo?
Was it packed by the owner or by professional packers?

And the biggest factor, Where Is It Being Transported To?

The insurance companies take all these into consideration and then decide on the premium that should be paid.

Can I always Get Cargo Insurance?

Sometimes the insurance companies will refuse to insure. It could be because they think that the risk of a claim is too high, sometimes it is because there are regulations that prohibit offering cargo insurance to certain countries. Some countries state that cargo insurance must be issued within their country other countries just have very bad insurance claims records.