Specialist Vehicles

Specialist Vehicles

There are many specialist vehicles designed to perform a very specific Road Freight function. Due to their unique design they are not usually a cost effective alternative to a more generalised vehicle, such as a Curtain Sided Trailer or a Panel Van, but when they are used for the purpose they were designed for they become invaluable.

They may have built in lifting capability such as a HIAB Vehicle that can pick up or postion a fully loaded container to ground level, they may be Low Loaders built to take over height cargo or they may be Refrigerated Vehicles designed to carry Temperature controlled cargo such as Food, Flowers or Pharmaceuticals.

Vehicles that could be described as Specialist include.

Low Loaders
Refrigerated Van and Trailers
Car Transporters
Trailers with Piggy Back Forklifts
Removal Lorries

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