Shipping in a Shipper’s Own Container

Shipping in a Shipper’s Own Container

If you want to keep the container look at shipping in a shipper’s own container. The term shipper’s own container is as simple as it sounds, the shipper will purchase a container from a reputable container company and arrange for the container to be placed at the point of loading.

The container will usually be kept on the vehicle while it is being loaded. If loading is going to take longer than a day it may be best to have the container offloaded from the vehicle. This option can be expensive as you will need a HiAb vehicle or a crane to remove from and reload the container onto the vehicle.

Shipping lines charge different rates for shipper’s own containers compared to containers owned by the Line themselves. The examples below explain why this can happen.

On a route that has much more traffic one way than the other it is often cheaper to send a Shipping Line container. China to the UK is a good example. Containers leave China full of cargo, but as not so much cargo goes from the UK the containers can be sitting empty in the UK for a while. The shipping line will offer a cheaper rate to get the container back and refill it and send back out again.

On a route that may have a transfer to another shipping line and little cargo coming back, the shipping line container may be more expensive. UK to Bermuda is a good example. The containers are shipped to the USA by the main shipping line. The container is then sent on a smaller ship called a feeder vessel. More containers go fully loaded on the ship to Bermuda than return full. Storing empty containers is expensive so the containers are sent back empty. The shipper’s own container doesn’t need to be returned so it only travels one way on the feeder vessel.

There are many other reasons, but this will give you an idea why prices can vary.

How can I purchase a container?

Shipping lines often sell off containers that are no longer needed. There are many companies around the world that buy these containers and sell them on to companies and private buyers. If you are going to buy a container for shipping MAKE SURE IT IS CSC PLATED, if it is not plated it will not be allowed on the vessel. You will find many companies on the internet selling containers.

Charities often transport goods in their own container as they are useful for storage at the destination. They can even be converted to homes or offices.

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