How do I make Savings? Beat My Freight Quote

How to make savings on your transport costs.

You have scoured the internet, you have called freight agents and you have the best quote you can find. But do you really have the lowest price available? From our experience, there may be further savings to be made. We have been saving companies and private individuals money on their shipping charges since 2008. 

Just fill in the simple online form telling us the best price you have received and who quoted it. Our registered agents will check all the latest deals to find you a better price.

Below are some simple tips to make further savings:

Don’t take the first price you get. Instant online quote sites do not check all the options.

Plan in advance. If you give yourself more time, you give yourself more options.

Pack the cargo to suit the type of transport. Road freight is often cheaper if the goods are on pallets, but air freight costs are often lower if the goods are sent as separate cartons.