Dangerous Goods by Air Freight

Dangerous goods by air freight

Anyone can ship dangerous goods by air freight but they must comply with the regulations see below.

There are 9 classes of Dangerous Goods and there are strict regulations relating to shipping them by air freight. They should be packed and presented for shipping only by persons trained in the packing and handling of Dangerous Goods.

The 9 classes represent different hazards and need to be packed and labelled in accordance with the regulations.

If you work for a company and send dangerous goods by air freight on a regular basis, you will already be aware of the dangers and regulations and have probably been on either an awareness or other dangerous goods course. If you are a private individual and are sending your personal effects you could be sending dangerous goods without knowing it. There is a term used in the air freight dangerous goods manual – Hidden Dangerous Goods. It does not mean that they have been Hidden, it is just that they form part of another item. It could be a Lithium Battery in a laptop, it could be perfume or aftershave in a shipment of excess baggage or flares in a life raft.

If you feel that there may be dangerous goods in your shipment, give us a full description so we can take the necessary measures. it is your responsibility to declare dangerous goods. there are also dangerous goods regulations for sea freight and road freight.

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