Paperwork for Exporting and Importing

Paperwork for Exporting and Importing

Some paperwork for exporting and importing must be completed by the shipper or consignee, but some can be arranged by the freight agent. There are many types of paperwork these are some of the more common documents and procedures.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a process of reporting exports and imports for statistical purposes. It is also the point when Customs Duties and Taxes are calculated and refunded.

Declarations for Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods must be declared to the transportation company. The person completing the declaration must have received training. The declarations can be made by the shipper or the packer.

Health Certificates

Health certificates are used for exporting and importing live animals and foodstuffs

Certificates of Origin

Certificates of Origin are used to confirm the origin of goods. Some countries have embargoes on goods from another country so the certificate is used to make sure the goods can be imported.

There are many other types of document so always check before delivering your shipment to the freight agent