Shipping Cars to Singapore – Car Exports

Shipping Cars to Singapore – Car Exports

Shipping Cars in Containers

We have professional agents quoting very competitive rates for shipping cars to Singapore in containers. Cars can either be loaded at the shipper’s location or delivered to a receiving depot. Loading and securing into containers is arranged by experienced companies. Moisture bags can be added to avoid damage caused by temperature changes, check with the agent to get this service.

For a single car the best option is a 20ft container. To avoid damage we recommend that you do not load unsecured goods in the same container as a car as they can move in transit.

Shipping Cars by RoRo

Another option is shipping cars by RoRo to Singapore, this is often cheaper than sending in a container, but offers a lower level of security. Larger vehicles can also be sent by RoRo as well as static cargo on MAFI Trailers.

There are many restrictions on importing cars into Singapore.
Cars must not be over 3 years old
Cars must be right hand drive
Cars must run on unleaded fuel

To get all the rules check Importing Dutiable Motor Vehicles (

Cars can also be shipped by air freight. Air freight is usually for high value cars or when there is a deadline. To get a price by air you can find the correct form on our air freight quote page.

To get the lowest rates for shipping cars to Singapore in containers or by RoRo, click on the link and complete the simple form.