Importing Personal Effects into the UK
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Importing Personal Effects into the UK

Probably the most important step when importing personal effects into the UK is applying for your Transfer of Residence (ToR). This can be obtained by completing a T0R01 Application for Transfer of Residence form online and then posting it to HM Revenue and Customs. 

Once you have your ToR you will also need to supply a Full Itemised Packing List with values to your Clearance Agent or to HM Customs, if you are clearing the goods yourself.

There are exemptions to what you are allowed to bring in under the ToR the main ones being Alcohol, Tobacco and commercial vehicles.

There are also restrictions on bringing in animals and plants, so if in doubt you should check either with a freight forwarder or on the HM Customs website. 

For assistance with importing personal effects into the UK please complete one of the forms or contact us on info@beatmyfreightquote.com 

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