Personal Effects by Air Freight from the UK

Personal Effects by Air Freight from the UK

Shipping your personal belongings by air freight, often known as Excess Baggage Shipping can be a cost effective alternative to taking them on board the flight and paying a surcharge. Budget airlines can charge very high surcharges if you take extra items on board. Beware of destination charges on air cargo, as unlike carrying the goods yourself, the goods may need to be customs cleared and will usually incur handling charges. 

Beat My Freight Quote partners offer a range of services for personal and household effects from consolidated air freight (Where your goods are sent with other cargo to get a cheaper air freight rate) to express door to door (This is not always available to every destination). Larger shipments are often cheaper by sea freight either on an LCL service or as a Full Container (FCL). Road Freight is also a good option on many routes.

Don’t get caught out sending hazardous cargo by air freight. There are heavy penalties for not declaring dangerous items that are sent as cargo and they include many everyday household objects. See Lithium Batteries by Air and Other Dangerous Goods by air, they will give an indication, but when in doubt always check before sending. It will save a lot of problems.

Your personal effects can be packed in a variety of ways, we can accept cartons, cases and even suitcases, as long as they are secure and can be sealed. If you are using padlocks it is best practice to supply a key, so that Customs can inspect if they need to.

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