Shipping Air Freight to Istanbul, Turkey

Air Freight to Istanbul, Turkey

There are excellent rates available for air freight to Istanbul, Turkey. It is a major destination for many airlines as well being the hub for Turkish Airlines. The main airport in Istanbul is Istanbul International Airport code IGA, but cargo services are still operating from Ataturk airport. Turkish Airlines has been growing in importance as a cargo carrier operating Freighter Aircraft to many destinations worldwide. Istanbul airport has direct links with over 350 airports in 110 countries.

With such a choice of airlines the air freight rates are kept low, but it doesn’t mean there are no deals to be had. Our partners can negotiate rates for all types of goods including project cargo. Air cargo prices can be charged on weight or by volume. They can also be shipped on their own or in a consolidation. Our guide gives more information on how rates are calculated

Turkey has strict regulations and standards for imported goods. Goods must meet these regulations to protect local manufacture. There are rules regarding subsidies and dumping. For information about these rules as well as Free Zones check out the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade.

Turkey has a Trade Agreement with the EU making the EU Turkey’s largest trading partner. There is now a trade agreement in place with the UK. A declaration on your invoice should be sufficient to meet Duty requirements. Always check if in doubt.

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