Shipping Sea Freight to Kuwait FCL – LCL

Shipping Sea Freight to Kuwait

We have very low rates for shipping sea freight to Kuwait by FCL and LCL.

FCL Sea Freight to Kuwait

There is a choice of shipping lines that offer FCL sea freight to Kuwait. We have negotiated discounted rates for both 20ft and 40ft containers, we can also get discounts on specialist equipment such as flat racks. Usually the container will be delivered to your door for loading, you get 3 hours to load and then the container is returned to the port in the UK, if you are unable to load the cargo at your premises, we can arrange to pick up the goods and load at one of several depots around the UK. We can also load cars.

LCL Sea Freight to Kuwait

We have regular services for LCL sea freight to Kuwait with some very attractive rates. We have delivery depots in various regions in the UK or if required we can collect from your door. The advantage of LCL cargo is you only pay for the space you use, this makes it very attractive for personal effects shipments.

Letters of Credit and Certificates of Origin

We can issue documents in line with the requirements of letters of credit, including certificates of origin. We have years of experience in consular documentation.

To get the best rates for shipping sea freight to Kuwait, click on our link below.