Shipping Cars to Sydney, Australia

Shipping Cars to Sydney, Australia 

Cars in Containers

Shipping cars to Sydney, Australia in containers is cost effective. The most common containers used are 20ft containers. 20ft standard containers are suitable for most individual cars. Some cars cannot be shipped in a 20ft container for example due to their length. As a result they require 40ft containers. 40ft containers will take longer vehicles and multiple cars. Many agents now consolidate cars in groupage containers. By sending cars together they can offer cheaper rates. This applies on specific routes to Australia. Your car would usually only be loaded with other cars. 

Container ships are regular and run to a schedule. They operate in most major ports in the world. Multiple shipping lines offer the same service, so you have choice.  

Cars are secured in shipping containers using straps to avoid movement. They can also be protected against moisture caused by condensation. Condensation is caused by temperature fluctuation. Without protection it can cause damage during a long transit. 

Shipping by RoRo

Although container rates are very low there are alternatives. It can sometimes be cheaper shipping by RoRo. RoRo services often depart from different ports. As a result it may be more convenient to deliver to the RoRo terminal. In addition it can also be cheaper. We can always provide price comparisons for the different services. Shipping by RoRo offers less protection than shipping containers.  Cars are usually loaded below deck.  On smaller vessels this may not be possible. They are do not operate as often as container vessels.

High Value Cars

High value cars are often sent by air freight. Air freight reduces transit. But it can be expensive on longer transits. Not all aircraft can take a car as a result, you may need to deliver to a main airport.

We would always advise taking out insurance on any cargo. Ask the freight agent or insurance broker for prices by different transport modes. All insurance will have an excess. The excess is the amount of the claim that is not covered by the insurance.

There are many rules relating to importing cars into Australia. Don’t arrange shipment without viewing the following link. Failing to comply with import regulations can cause delay. In addition it can result in the vehicle being refused entry. 

Australian Border Force Importing a motor vehicle (  

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